Full Spectrum Imaging Solutions

The IntriHEALTH® suite provides an integrated, information-driven healthcare solution for all medical imaging clinicians, offering advanced viewing and collaboration-enabling platforms, a Vendor Neutral Archive and a world class Deconstructed Information System. The IntriHEALTH® product suite provides a complete, long-term and practical solution to clinical data management.

IntriHEALTH®’s innovative healthcare technology increases efficiency within clerical and clinical workflows, while improving the ease of cross-departmental access, leading to better patient outcomes and effective patient care.


Improved patient care

Reducing costs & streamlining the diagnostic process

IntriHEALTH®’s advanced product suite reduces the cost of healthcare, eliminates unnecessary clinical studies and streamlines patient care by making the patient’s medical information available to the authorised healthcare professional whenever and wherever it is needed.

  • IntriRIS® (Radiological Information System)
  • XDS (Cross-enterprise Departmental Sharing)
  • IntriPACS® (Picture Archiving Communication System)
  • IntriVOICE® (Voice Dictation)
  • IntriVNA® (Vendor Neutral Archive)
  • IntriVIEW® (Non-Proprietary Viewers)
  • IntriDIS® (Deconstructed Information System)