The 4 Tier Process

IntriHEALTH® offers a complete radiology solution, taking various best-of-breed software components to support multiple radiology solutions off a single platform. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience, using world-class software, exceptional system integration and highly sophisticated back-end support, IntriHEALTH® offers a total solution to the end user, allowing every possible technology choice and multiple configurations.

This full-spectrum IntriHEALTH® solution is the last data migration you will ever need.

  • Radiology Marker
  • Oncology Marker
  • Cardiology Marker
  • Women’s Health Marker
  • Pathology Marker
  • Medical Record Marker
Women’s Health Images
Medical Records Images
Oncology Images
Oncology Images
Pathology Images
Cardiology Images
Radiolgoy Images

1. Ingest

IntriHEALTH® gathers data directly from any type of Radiology Network, PACS and all modalities.

The initial ingesting of clinical information includes the conversion of proprietary images into vendor-neutral data in a DICOM format.

IntriHEALTH® installs a Node at each site.

The data ingested is compressed into a 100% lossless format and secured using 256 bit encryption to maintain patient confidentiality.

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Primary & Secondary Servers

2. Archive

All studies, scans and patient data is instantly transferred to vendor-neutral data centers.

These data centers are situated in multiple geographically disparate locations and have unlimited storage capacity, offering a guaranteed disaster recovery solution in the event of on-site hardware failure or redundant technology.

3. Distribute

IntriHEALTH® designs and installs a secure Image Distribution System ensuring the free flow of clinical data over a secure network.

The diagnostic information databases assimilate electronically with all digital imaging modalities. This complete integration comes standard with options for RIS and HIS, voice dictation and state-of-the-art viewing technology.



Radiology Information System



Voice Dictation & Automation



Primary & Mobile Viewer Technology



Picture Archiving & Communication System


Voice Dictation & Automation

A patient’s entire history of medical records and clinical images are available at the click of a button.

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Up to 6x Faster than any mobile viewer

4. Report

Faster access to critical data and the freedom to choose the platform from which to report enables total flexibility for radiologists.

The reporting radiologist can set up collaboration sessions with other radiologists to participate in the diagnosis of a patient in a secure and user-friendly environment.

IntriVIEW® offers unsurpassed image retrieval speed and a versatile viewer with on-the-fly 3D, MIP/MPR reconstruction.

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