A Leading Enterprise Imaging Solutions Provider

With over 40 installations of diverse medical imaging solutions – from women’s healthcare to operational healthcare in the mining sector, IntriHEALTH® has the largest single database of clinical images in Africa with over 2 million studies and counting.



Womens Health


Medical Record


This includes over 300 medical
specialists who use the system
every day in one way or another

Doctors, radiologists, statisticians, quality control checks, creating & printing.


Medical Specialists


Product Suite

Healthcare technology for all medical imaging clinicians

The IntriHEALTH® suite provides an integrated, information-driven healthcare solution for all medical imaging clinicians, offering advanced viewing and collaboration-enabling platforms, a Vendor Neutral Archive and a world class Deconstructed Information System. The IntriHEALTH® product suite provides a complete, long-term and practical solution to clinical data management.

  • Vendor Neutral Archive A permanent, live, searchable Vendor Neutral Archive for all radiological studies
    Vendor Neutral Archive
    A permanent, live, searchable Vendor
    Neutral Archive for all radiological studies
  • IntriPACS3®
    Fully Integrated PACS3
    Fastest multi-modality PACS3 on the market,
    with unsurpassed image retrieval speed
  • IntriRIS®
    Full Spectrum RIS
    Full spectrum RIS featuring consolidated workflow automation
  • IntriDIS®
    Deconstructed PACS
    VNA software to integrate, deploy & support all modalities
    in a DICOM archive
  • IntriVIEW®
    Non-Proprietary Viewers
    Primary & mobile viewer technology providing instant
    access to patient data from any location
  • IntriVOICE®
    Voice Dictation & Automation
    A web-based portal for vocal dictation, diagnostic
    reporting & workflow automation
  • IntriREF®
    Referring Doctor Portal
    A diagnostic web-based referral portal with
    total access for medical professionals
  • IntriBILL®
    Advanced Billing Automatioin
    Powerful automated billing engine streamlining
    your billing & administrative processes


IntriHELP® is a 24/7/365 customer care helpdesk, technical support and monitoring system for IntriHEALTH clients. With community-wide forums and a growing knowledge base, IntriHELP® is the future of customer support for the radiological community. This advanced ticketing system will enable our team to respond to your ticket and assist in resolving any faults or queries with unrivaled speed and efficiency.

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