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A Leading Enterprise Imaging Solutions Provider

With over 40 installations of diverse medical imaging solutions – from women’s healthcare to operational healthcare in the mining sector, IntriHEALTH® has the largest single database of clinical images in Africa with over 2 million studies and counting.

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This includes over 300 medical
specialists who use the system
every day in one way or another

Doctors, radiologists, statisticians, quality control checks, creating & printing.

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Medical Specialists

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Product Suite

Healthcare technology for all medical imaging clinicians

The IntriHEALTH® suite provides an integrated, information-driven healthcare solution for all medical imaging clinicians, offering advanced viewing and collaboration-enabling platforms, a Vendor Neutral Archive and a world class Deconstructed Information System. The IntriHEALTH® product suite provides a complete, long-term and practical solution to clinical data management.

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  • Vendor Neutral Archive A permanent, live, searchable Vendor Neutral Archive for all radiological studies
    Vendor Neutral Archive
    A permanent, live, searchable Vendor
    Neutral Archive for all radiological studies
  • IntriPACS3®
    Fully Integrated PACS3
    Fastest multi-modality PACS3 on the market,
    with unsurpassed image retrieval speed
  • IntriRIS®
    Full Spectrum RIS
    Full spectrum RIS featuring consolidated workflow automation
  • IntriDIS®
    Deconstructed PACS
    VNA software to integrate, deploy & support all modalities
    in a DICOM archive
  • IntriVIEW®
    Non-Proprietary Viewers
    Primary & mobile viewer technology providing instant
    access to patient data from any location
  • IntriVOICE®
    Voice Dictation & Automation
    A web-based portal for vocal dictation, diagnostic
    reporting & workflow automation
  • IntriREF®
    Referring Doctor Portal
    A diagnostic web-based referral portal with
    total access for medical professionals
  • IntriBILL®
    Advanced Billing Automatioin
    Powerful automated billing engine streamlining
    your billing & administrative processes