Advancing Medical Voice Dictation

IntriVOICE® is a cloud-based speech recognition solution that offers seamless RIS/EMR integration with both cloud-based and desktop RIS/EMRs. Real-time dictation accurately converts spoken words into text, while simple-to-use voice shortcuts help to navigate complex screens and menus. Speak patient histories, assessments, plans and notes directly into the system of record which the transcription module will convert into text. IntriVOICE® converts notes to archived electronic medical records in real time. Reports can be further processed, printed, e-mailed or forwarded to other healthcare systems by using standard protocols.

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Key Features

Medical voice dictation cloud software & workflow automation



Move seamlessly within and between systems and save time searching through the RIS/EMR with simple voice commands and powerful shortcuts



Complete documents in seconds by using voice shortcuts to insert commonly used text blocks, select items from dropdown menus and fill in data fields



Simplify repetitive tasks with voice commands and launch a series of tasks within and across systems. With automations, learning new systems can be simple



Dictate patient histories, assessments and capture patient notes directly into the system of record and make corrections behind the scenes, posted right into your EMR

Designed to improve workflow, IntriVOICE® is the preferred speech-to-text solution for medical professionals. Easy-to-use cloud software with no need for server installation or device registration.


Key Features

Simplifying speech to text software

Supports 35 Medical Specialties

IntriVOICE® can be quickly configured to support the unique requirements of your practice

Simplified RIS/EMR

Speak patient histories, notes, and other entries directly into the RIS/EMR with vocal editing capabilities

Save Time

Less time spent documenting as IntriVOICE® enters data at 3-4 times the speed of typing, on average

Higher Quality Documentation

Improved consistency, accuracy, and overall quality of clinical documentation helps reduce errors

Flexibility and Compatibility

Operates in harmony with both desktop and cloud-based RIS/EMRs, without the need for system integration

Cost Savings

Designed to be affordable for the entire healthcare community

Customise Vocabulary

Tailor acronyms and taxonomies for individual or organisation preferences

Referral Support

Capture notes and observations to share with colleagues

Streamlined Data Entry

Navigate and populate using voice instead of keystrokes

Mobility and Portability

Work wherever you have Internet access without device limits or software installation

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