Market Leading, Fully Integrated PACS3

IntriHEALTH® offers their clients the latest PACS on the market today with a flexible solution that can evolve and expand from a modality PACS to a region-wide, multi-site PACS environment. Unsurpassed image retrieval speed with a focus on workflow support and a versatile universal viewer allows secure access to diagnostic images across all departments. Robust software and remote monitoring guarantees a high uptime of all systems and optimal access to all relevant data. IntriPACS3® expands storage capacity while simplifying infrastructure and offers a fully scalable and reliable solution, which is applicable to all medical imaging and reading environments.

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Defining IntriPACS3®

The four major components

Imaging Modalities

Imaging Modalities

Access all disparate modalities from various imaging departments including assimilation between RIS, HIS and speech recognition

Secure LAN

Secure LAN

IntriHEALTH® designs and installs a secure LAN Image Distribution System ensuring the free flow of clinical data over a secure network

Viewer Technology

Viewer Technology

Workstation primary (work stations) and secondary viewers (mobile devices) for the processing and interpreting of images

Vendor Neutral Archive

Vendor Neutral Archive

Vendor Neutral Archives for storage and retrieval of radiological images as well as patient-related documentation and reports

Supported Modalities

Consolidates diverse radiological workflows

Key Features

Fully Integrated PACS3 Technology

Fastest PACS

Unsurpassed image retrieval speed and continuous high uptime

RIS/HIS Integration

Secure and streamlined RIS and HIS workflows

Advanced Functionality

Multimodal PACS with embedded MIP/MPR

Workflow Management

All processes and interactions are traced and recorded

Fully Scalable

Expands storage capacity while simplifying infrastructure

Management Reporting

Extracts management information from automated workflow processes

Web-Based Access

Instant access to web-based PACS information system

FDA & CE Clearance

FDA and CE worldwide clearance for all modalities

Secure Data Transfer & Storage

Vendor Neutral Archives for storage and retrieval

Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS)

Greater accessibility and record sharing across or between healthcare enterprises

HIPAA & IHE Compliance

Fully compliant to industry standards and the Integrating Healthcare Enterprise

IntriPACS3® provides fully consolidated PACS, XDS and DICOM solutions, offering integration through configuration rather than customisation.


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