The Full Potential of a Deconstructed PACS

IntriDIS® (Deconstructed Information System) is truly ground breaking in its scope and ambition to offer an amalgamated VNA/Communications Engine incorporating the best features of IntriHEALTH®’s suite of products and services. IntriHEALTH® has configured the VNA software to integrate, deploy and support multiple solutions in one archive – a true vendor-neutral solution. Even the most advanced PACS is still a proprietary system, whereas IntriDIS® is a completely neutral archive that can translate all stored data into universally accessible content for every modality and viewing platform. The hybrid archive will never fail or experience downtime as it streams live from multiple disparate sites at any given moment. The archive stores both DICOM and non-DICOM image formats and will assimilate with any HIS/RIS enterprise, essentially performing the role of the PACS.

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Unified DICOM Archive
Intelligent Management Gateway
3rd Generation PACS
Diagnostic Referral Portal
Primary & Mobile Viewers
Full Spectrum RIS
Voice Dictation & Automation

Using firmly established and effective data management technology, world-class software, exceptional system integration and highly sophisticated back-end support, IntriDIS® is a ‘first of its kind’ solution for medical professionals.

IntriDIS® is the final stage of evolution in the re-invention of enterprise data management, archiving and distribution – achieving the full potential of medical imaging.

Key Features

The first fully consolidated VNA/PACS/XDS solution

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