Advanced Billing Automation

IntriHEALTH®’s powerful automated billing engine is closely integrated into IntriRIS® and facilitates the submission and exchange of claims directly with the medical aid providers. The IntriBILL® software is designed to effectively assist in the management and administration of any sized medical practice. Its user-friendly interface and adaptable design allows users to communicate and share information more effectively. IntriBILL® is the most advanced financial administration system available for healthcare professionals today, giving you a real-time financial overview of your practice.

Key Features

Simplifying financial administration

Billing & Coding

Enables reporting, reconciliations and cashbook transactions


Fully automated accounting and financial administration assistance

Software Customisation

Tailor and customise software for individual or organisation preferences

Paperless Practice

A fully automated and electronic administrative processes

Save Time & Money

Eliminates time-consuming administration tasks and optimises turnover

Electronic Claim Processing

Channels multiple claims submissions directly to medical aid providers in real time

Credit Control

Credit monitoring and management reporting for customers, suppliers and stock

Patient Scheduling & Billing

Fully automated appointment, payment and prescriptions reminders

Remote Access

User-friendly web interface for remote billing, scheduling and administration

IntriBILL® completes the total radiology solution provided by IntriHEALTH®, streamlining your billing and administrative processes to allow you more control of your practice’s finances.


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